Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the nostalgia sets in !

This one goes for a former friend, who somehow,din't make it to my present and would never be allowed to pry into my future. This one's for you, Smriti!

Sieving your face in the crowd,

I seem loosing control

over my senses,

and the nostalgia sets in!

Moments of those celebrated times,

take control of my mind,

rekindling the ashes of

the leftover love and hatred.

Life seems witty,

throwing one of its

filthy challenges at me.

It shatters my heart to

accept your hatred coated abuses,

killing me over and over again,

with intensifying anger and pain.

May be, in a corner of my heart,

I still long for

mutual love and peace,

nurturing dwindling hopes of,

reliving those unforgettable times,

when time had almost

lost count and become one with us.

May be I still wish to

bury the mutual differences

and move one step ahead,

call out for you,

with a clear heart,

and open arms,

and embrace you in a tight hug.

May be ,its just a dream,

that might never come true,

leaving behind a trail of,

wounded memories and unfulfilled desires,

leaving me in the lurch,

the mercy of dwindling hopes,

till the time,

I again sieve your face in the crowd,

loose control over my senses,

and let the Nostalgia set in!

May be, I din't realise,

When love was around,

with you by my side,

all the while.

May be I din't pay heed,

when feelings transcended words,

smiles conveyed treasured hopes,

and gestures painted the canvas

of life with love.

May be I never saw through your eyes,

that sparkled with true admiration for me,

and were always on a lookout

for my anticipated presence.

May be I missed that love,

that could have been mine,

all mine.

May be I fret over it in the coming years,

shedding silent tears,

and heaving painful sighs.

May be I missed that love,

that could have been mine,

all mine!

Easier said than done !

Dedicated to Sunshine:
It was tough,
letting you go,
but its even tougher,
getting familiar with your absence.
It was tough,
hurling abuses at you,
but its even tougher,
recollecting them now.
It was tough,
ignoring your presence,
but its even tougher,
resisting your absence now.
It was tough,
living with you,
but its even tougher,
existing without you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I dedicate this poem to one of my good friends,Kanishka.
I would like to extend my humblest gratitude towards Megha,for providing me with this wonderful theme.
Here it goes,

Fading memories of those unforgettable times,
are still etched in my heart,
the dying music of our relationship,
still echoes in my eardrums,
incessant reminders of that amicable bond,
still shatter my heart into pieces,
the eternal fragrance of our long lost friendship,
still intoxicates my vulnerable soul,
the aura of your exiquisite charm,
still benumbs my fragile senses,
the encumberance of your undying memories,
still makes my soul go crazy,
dwindling hopes of a beautiful revival,
still nurture in the deepest recesses of,
my tender heart.


Here goes another of my acrostic poetries,entitled as "Love",
lustrous feelings of unsurmountable ecstacy,
overwhelmingly appealing and special,they
vanish into thin air within a split second,but stay
embedded in a corner of our hearts,for ever.


Lovable sojourn of blissful experiences,
inevitably dicey and intriguing,emanating
fragrant nuggets of intoxicating nostalgia,and
euphoric dreams of a scintillating future.

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's in a Name??!!

Shakespeare had once proudly proclaimed, "What is in a name?".

With due respect to him,I beg to differ.I believe that a name is nothing short of one's deeply felt emotions and affections.A name,conveys it all. It conveys the subtle, treasured emotions of the giver,towards its owner. On a personal front,I have seen numerous parents-to-be running from pillar to post,in lieu of selecting the most appropriate and unique names for their upcoming darlings.Infact back home,I always fel immensely humbled towards my dad,for awarding me the two of the best names in the universe: Mohita and Aena!

While on one hand,Mohita is the formal one,the other one was borne more out of affection.That's my nickname.I am personally inclined towards the latter one.Its relatively simple,unique and peppy.As a child,I was enquisitive enough to know its credibility.My dad still holds the belief,that it is the most befitting name,that he could have ever bestowed upon his daughter.Dad,I love you for this.(muah*)

Now reverting back to the theme of this post.I got this serious urge to delve into the psychology of names quite recently,when I was gifted another set of new names by friends.So,the latest or latesht* ones are "Cuppycake" and "Masakalli".And to tell you frankly,I love the former one,as much as I love that charming song.It was,while I was basking in the glory of these new names,that memories of countless former ons,flooded my mind.I have been lucky enough to be gifted new names,mostly borne out of affection and excitement,every now and then.A few of the most special ones include,"Pilpilli,Moh,Mohi,Aenoo,Barbie,Sunshine,Noddy,Dushti.Bachchu,Doll,Shona,Princess,Miss Padhaku,Little poetess,Mollz." I cherish them,absolutely.They make me feel Blessed,Loved,Cared and Wanted!

May be that's why,its the best feeling in the world,when Pa calls me "Aenu" or, "Betu", and when mum calls me "Laado" or "Mohi".Nothing could ever beat the exquisite speciality of the moment,when Mehak (aka Kaddu) fondly addresses me as "Pilpilli",mercilessly turning and twisting my cheeks.I fing myself riding high,every time Tanvi calls me 'Sweetu".I experience mixed feelings9more of anger,of course) everytime Sandeep calls me "Miss Padhaku".Its always a special feeling when Prachi replaces my name with words like "Princess' or "Li' l poetess".I USED to be on cloud nine,whenever addressed me as 'Barbie",or Smriti cuddled by my side,calling me "Sunshine' or, 'Bachchu".

So,you see Shakespeare,there is no dearth of emotions in a name!


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dedicated to my best friend,Anshita.

"Everyone has a 'Best friend' during each stage of life. Only lucky ones have the same friend in all the stages of life!"

Thanks sweetheart,for making me lucky!!

Goodbye Patty.!!!

The followimg lines, represent a downpour of countless clandestine emotions that lay buried in my heart,until this moment when I decided to vent them out. At this juncture,I am determined to shed them off my heart,forever..!! I am in no mood of treasuring those painful yet, unforgettable memories any more.

The Sooner I accept this harsh reality,the Better for me.!!

And why not..???!!

I am all set to embrace it with open arms,this time. After all,it was Me,who walked out of the group.It was My decision.So,now instead of questioning it,I should either accept it or jump off the nearest cliff..!!

With this thought riding high on my mind,I am reminded of these poignant lines,that I read somewhere,

"Its really amazing when two strangers become the best of friends, but its really hard when the best of friends become two strangers."

This is it,Patty.

This is R-e-A-l-I-t-Y..!!

Lets embrace it,as earliest as possible,and MOVE ON..!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It was an unusually good day,yesterday. My phone was unusually flooded with calls.Friends from all walks of life,seemed to be missing me.Its always a pleasure being with them,any one of them. It felt great speaking to Nur,after about a fortnight.I am looking forward to having a great time with her at the farewell(sob*sob*). It was a pleasant surprise,getting to hear from Rucheera.It feels happy to know that she remembered about my exam and was courteous enough to inquire about it. Its always so good,conversing with her.We extract something or the other fruitful from our cheesy conversations. Megha's call made me feel special,like the way it always does.She's a charmer.She is one person who has always been by my side,even in the worst circumstances.It was a light hearted,peppy talk,just the way it has been since the last 5years. Shruti's call made me think twice.Taking into account,the increasing frequency of her calls,I feel happy.Genuinely happy!!
Her care and affection for me deserve a slice of my admiration..

Aaj Bhi...

My first hindi poetry.
.Aaj yun hi kalam uthakar kuch likhne ka mann hua,
I am putting it up with an anxious mind..Your suggestions and criticism welcomed.Here it goes,

"Yaadon ke samundar mein jhaank kar to dekho,
aaj bhi meri yaadon mein doob jaoge
dil ki gehraaiyon mein utar kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mere khayaalon mein kho jaoge,
hasraton ki viraasat ko tatol kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mera hi naam padhkar hairaan reh jaoge,
sapnon ke bikhre hue shishon ko jodkar to dekho,
aaj bhi meri parchaaiyon mein khud ko dhoondhte reh jaoge,
jazbaaton ki kashti mein baithkar to dekho,
aaj bhi mere ehsaas mein beh jaoge
khwaahishon ki udaan bhar kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mujhe apne kareeb hi paoge"
This is dedicated to a dear friend,who is finding it hard to survive,after an unfortunate break-up.
I have just tried voicing out her poignent sentiments.