Thursday, August 20, 2009

Missing 'Life'!

Hey all! Don't get carried away with the title of this post!

I'm not going to bore you with my unending rants and ramblings. In fact, this time I'm going to 'torture' you with a confessional post :) And that means, in case if you're in a good mood at the moment, don't just squander away your joy by reading this trivial piece of my mind!

I happen to be a little low today. Why not? I guess I've every right to feel the way, I'm feeling at the moment! I've just been out of college, and have entered the big world of a university. Regardless of the wonderful time that I'm having in the univ, I'm being paranoid by constant fleeting thoughts that happen to cross my mind haphazardly!

Life in the univ is no doubt, exciting. Yet, in my heart of hearts, I still nestle and nurture countless clandestine memories about my just-lapsed college life! I miss my so-called 'former world'! I miss my friends, the warmth of whose arms held me through all these years of graduation. I miss my teachers who added some valuable facets to my personality with their never-ending warmth and affection. I miss my not-so-organised and oh-so-adorable graduation life! Trust me,I really do!

I end up missing just about anything and everything concerning my college life. And I miss my friends like crazy! It's just so disgusting, to see the people with whom I shared three beautiful years of my life, drifting away to distant lands and dreams. Most of us have now taken up diagonally opposite professions. We've all opted for varied streams in far corners of the nation and the world. The everday-bond that had been connecting us for the last years of our lives, has gradually begun to lose its lustre! Yes, and it just bleeds my heart to see my world crashing down so mercilessly!

My life has been topsy-turveyed brutally! I no more hear from people who just a few days before, meant the 'world' to me. My cellphone is no more brimming over with their text messages. Their life is no more intertwined with mine!
I so miss our times of togetherness!

I so miss having Kanika by my side, patienly listening to my neverending bakbaks. I miss Nur, the 'tweety' of my life like crazy! I miss Deepika's giggles that forced me to smile,even in the sickest of circumstances. I miss my oh-so-cherishing talks with Rucheera.
It breaks my heart when I feel their absence in my life.

Wish I hold time, and brick back the magic of the former days!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friends forever! (Dedicated to Kanika & Nur)

The times of togetherness
might not return,
the symphony of the celebrated moments,
still rings in my ears,
makes me think of you,
time and again!

Random Tits-bits!

My heart still reeks of the memories
that stay embedded
in the deepest recesses of my heart!
Wish I could ever unlock them
and make them see,
the light of the day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life,on the Move!

As I sit back and enjoy a day off in my sweet home, I am perturbed by a few fleeting thoughts, that keep haunting my mind every now and then. I feel still, as I close my eyes and lie down in retrospection. Its funny, the way my life has taken a 360 degree twist in the past couple of days. Life had never been so unpredictable and uncontrolled. I feel as if I am being weighed down by the surprises that lie in store for me.

I miss the times that I used to spend with myself! I miss being alone. I miss the late night meditation sessions. I so wish if I could still continue with my diary-writing regime. I so earnestly want to hang on to my nocturnal creative writings. I miss the times that have been left behind! I miss the times when I immersed myself into retrospection.
Somewhere in a corner of my heart, I also miss being around my old chums! I miss Kanika, Pooja, Nur, Deepika, Rucheera, Swinky so badly! I miss their pamperings! I miss the loving bonds that we shared. I miss their warmth and comfort.

Life at this juncture, is like a helpless leaf floating in the sea breeze. It doesn't knows its destnation, it doesn't knows its source. Yet, its regrets being carried away by the strong tufts of wind. I know the life that I am leading at present, is a figment of my doings! It was me who had willingly opted for this life. It was I who wanted the things to go this way. And I am very much making the most of it,yet ...

I don't know,
"Life is just Perfect, yet..."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Memory Snippets!

Its Friendships Day today!

As I opened my eyes this morning, a smile spread on my lips as I noticed a Cadbury's chocolate lying next to me on the white bedspread. Admiring this beautiful gesture,I starightaway jumped out of my bed in lieu of thanking Mum-Dad for this overwhelming surprize. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes as Mum folded me into her arms wising me Friendships Day. What a brilliant way of kickstarting this special day!

In fact, I had almost drowned in the deluge of nostalgia that had set in last night, as Friends from all walks of life began pouring in their wishes on the eve of this super-special day. My heart kept skipping beats as I continued keeping a count of the messages that adorned my cellphone. Isn't it just amazing when you get to hear from all the special people in your life, in one go?!

Memories clouded my eyes as I finally retreated to bed around 02:00 AM. It was a strage sensation revisiting the sands of time, and getting drenched in the unforgettable memories of friendships that had embellished my life, through thick and thin. I was overwhelmed with the nostalgic reminiscences that transcened me into my childhood, school and college days. Once again, the 'child' in me came to the forefront.

I have so much to share on this topic that I will probably loose count of the time and space. Before I strike another keynote in the next post, I would like to mention a few names who literally 'made my day' in the true sense of the words with their warm wishes and sweet remembrances. My heartfelt gratitude to Dipika, Kanishka, Niharika, Anuradha, Gagan, Navneet, Shubhda, Pankaj, Zoya, Bistriti, Nosheen, Maninder, Tanvi, Arsh, Raminder, Kritika, Nur, Aesha for sending over such cute wishes. They will be safely nurtured in a corner of my heart, for years to come!

By the way, Anshita, Megha, Nishant, Manmeen, Pooja, Amarbir, Charanjeev, I am still at the waiting end???!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship, and beyond!

On the eve of Friendship day, my heart goes out to my web of friends scattered all around the globe. Memory snippets flash into my mind as I am struggling to come up with the right words. It is indeed a tough task, describing the essence of relationships through words! Giving dimensions to them, would demean their very sanctity and aesthetics.

Friendship, one of the greatest gifts of Almighty bestowed upon the mankind, deserves no explanation!

I can't even begin to tell what difference has this term brought to my life! Trust me,when I say that my life couldn't have been as 'liveable' as it now is, had 'friends' not been an integral part of it.

I am falling short of words in describing some of the best facets of friendships that changed my life forever, for the better!

Just want to say,
"Thanks you chums, for adding a dollop of love and blessings to my life."