Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My heart keeps pounding...

My heart keeps pounding with a gamut of emotions,
emotions of our relationship,
emotions of our togetherness,
such frenzied feelings would keep me occupied throughout my life,
for time blasting days, months, years n' In-shah-allah till eternity,
my heart keeps pounding all day long,
making me realise of temporary stay on this planet,
until my soul would fly off , to be reunited with you amidst the heavenly abode,
my heart gets shattered realising your painful and all-pervading absence,
piercing its broken pieces into my ruptured soul...

You made me realise...

You made me realise,,
those countless emotions cradled in the realms of my heart,
You made me realise,,
my true worth in the undisputed depths of my heart,
You made me look up at this world with an invincible spirit,
helped me peep into those deep dungeons ,
that lie hibernating beneath the crust of my heart,
You gave me an entirely new World to live in,,
fraught with aspiring fantacies n' cherishing dreams,
fraught with countless moments of girlish joys...
n' helped me construct a realm bestowed with my imaginary castles
and unfulfilled fantacies,,
You made me understand the true meaning of life..
Your presence transported me to a world of Utopia,
brimming over with friendship, care, warmth n' love,
You made me realise,,
the true persona of my inner self,
You made me become...
the one,i am today...!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I hate this world...

Well, this was one of my first compositions , scribbled long ago, while I was probably in 7th standard..
The chief inspiration behind it was the initial outbreak of a dreadful era of horrifying Terrorism,,after the World Trade Centre's debacle.

" I hate this world,
but why do i hate it?
for its bountiful of sorrows,
and there are none willing to borrow,
Oh! my Lord, this earth is pityful,
but moreover, it's shameful,
its bountiful of wars and terrorism,
and its all due to man's religious fanatism,
Alas! man are blatantly blown and cut,
and surprisingly,our mouths are mum,and lips, shut
Oh! my Lord,why in this civilisation,
we have none for apologisation?
it is indeed, a matter of enormous pity,
for these great ,skyscraping and towering cities,
why don't the natives pause these fanatic culprits,
by arousing the humanitarian spirits,
I am sure a day is bound to be reached,
when these towering cities will crumple to a meagre beach,
deluged with the water of Humiliation,
finally putting an untimely end to this great civilisation..."

A tribute to Womanhood...

I wrote this one somewhere down 2004 when Congress President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi emerged victorous amidst a huge political turmoil..I have never been politically inclined towards Congress but her unanimous triumph in the Union elections left me spellbound...and i just couldn't resist penning down my proud sentiments for this admiring lady.
Here it goes...

" She is an inspiration for women,
who elevated to power defeating all men,
she had a pitiable and painful history,
that turned her life into an unending mystery,
she fell in live and, married an indian,
and there off started a new life,
she lapped her husband's dying mother,
and earnestly supported him who had by then:
already lost his dearest brother,
she witnessed a new era of indian politics,
while her husband rose to power defeating all critics,
but yet again, she faced an assassination,
which put an end to all her fascinations,
she lost her loving husband and became a widow,
left behind with two growing kids coupled with past dreadful shadows,
she nurtured them well,
till they matured intelligently well,
and ultimately joined the indian politics on public demand,
with a dream of mustering Congress under her command...!!"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Encumbrance of a curtailed friendship...

This one was composed way back...while i was in my school ....for my one of my best friends,Tanvi.!!

"It's sad to see your dreams meeting a miserable end,,
specially those related to your Bestest friend,,
when the heaven resembles close to hell,,
despite all my strenuous efforts to tell,,
wanting you to recognise my true sincerity,,
that which you mistakened to be my impropriety,,
it's hard to see the two of us with anyone else,,
not with each other,but amidst everyone else,,
but,was this the only way to make each other incalculably sad..?
do we acknowledge our faults as so maculately bad,,

Regardless of all our efforts n' imploring deeds,,
and all our pending bashes n' treats,,
regardless of all those moments that we wished to spend,,
those that we regrettably never got to spend,,
despite, all the sufferings that we've faced,,
so intense,that would nevar wished to be retraced,,
regardless of all those feelings taht could never be unfolded,,
despite all those tears that we've been shedding for each other,,
and all those cards that had never been regrettably given,,
and all our mistakes,,which i know,,would never be forgiven,,
I still hope,,that an exquisite moment would come some day,,
which would shine through the divine ray,,
when we'll actually realise the depth of of our Friendship,,
and would blissfully revitalize our relationship..!!!

And it really really Did Happen.....!!!!!

One Single Step...

It's all about a single step to begin with,
its all about one single smile,to begin with,
its all about one single "Hi" to begin with,
its all about one single warm gesture to begin with,
it is indeed a game of primarily one single step,
but once initiated,it extends to a gamut of emotions,
it is all about making a New friend,
adding another name to our long list of friends
embellishing it all the more further.

A friend enters your life in the vein of a new hope,
with a promise of accompanying you in glitches too knotty to cope,
tries making you feel privileged,,wanted n' special,
she nurtures you in her own special ways,
with an amazing blend of affection,warmth,passion n' never ending cares