Monday, December 28, 2009

Bidding Adieu

As the year draws to its logical end, my mind is coerced into a realm of introspection and self-analysis. I am intrigued..I am excited..I am numb, and yet at the same time, prepared to rewind the course of my life and relish the flashbacks of the last 365 days that got added to my life span.

There are things that I want to know, there are answers that I still look forward to, there are regrets that I so want to get rid of, there are people I so want to be with and there are memories that I totally want to do away with.. Likewise there are people that mean so much to me that I just cannot afford to imagine life sans them and, there are ones that I now regret knowing! There are moments that I wish to wrap tenderly in some solitary closet of my heart, there are secrets that I still want to unburden, there are desires that I wish to fulfill and there are dreams that I want to weave into the fabric of my life.

2009 brought a whiff of new experiences! Adorned my life with outrageous new dimensions. There were moments that simply took my breath away, and there were moments that were a little to painful to endure. There were new arrivals, and there were painful departures. Happiness rained from all corners of the world, yet anguish din't seem to leave me away. Countless rounds of tears and laughter walked in and out of my life. College got over, and University life embraced me into its arms. Hundreds of new memories and moments filled my photo albums. A number of acquaintances were transformed into friends, and a lot of friends got transformed into buddies for life. The leftover memories of 2008 finally left my bereaved soul, and a whiff of fresh life welcomed me into its arms.

My mood swings amused me in the most unexpected ways! Yet in the end, positivity ruled supreme. Thousands of new lessons adorned my life. Each day cultivated and cultured some valuable learning in one way or the other. Thankfully, there were a lot of people who amazed with their out-of-the-box attitude towards life. I'm thankful to God, for letting me come across many such people this year.

There were moments and memories of 2009 that I would want to vent out here, but not just now..Till then, adios!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Ruminations!

Here comes another wryly realistic outburst!

I was just wondering the other day, that why is being 'insensitive' considered 'just-so-cool' in the contemporary times?

Any answers?
Any one?!

I'm really intrigued to know your say on this one.

I just loathe people who believe in leading a life of I-did-it-my-way types!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Occasional Ramblings!

Off late, I have realized that almost 90% of people on the face of this earth, fail to respect and reciprocate the feelings of others. And an even larger number fail to express their heartfelt thoughts and emotions at just about the right time!

Do they even realize how torturing it is for those, who don't fall into such abuser categories?
Let me just put it upfront! Its painstaking for ultra-sensitive and emotionally weak people like me, who literally thrive on lighter things of life viz. feelings and emotions.

The feeling of not being 'understood' or being 'misinterpreted' or 'taken for granted' is just about one of the most miserable experiences that one can go through in one's life! Furthermore, the feeling of not being understood 'the-right-way' is so damn harrowing that I probably, would fail to put it into words...