Friday, February 27, 2009

My first attempt at Acrostic poetry.
But First things first,I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Prats,for inspiring all of us to tickle our grey cells and come out with something different.

Mistifying reminiscences,rendering
eternally blissful ruminations and,
momentary lapse into nostalgia
Oh! I treasure them so fondly,
roller coaster rides of
inspiring moments and,
euphoric emotions, cradled in the
sea of eternity.

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Acrostic Poetry !

This is a different form of poetry writing,introduced by Prats,on the Writers Lounge.


Embedded safely in a corner of my heart,they
move me to countless tears an laughter,an
ocean of intoxicating recollections and
treasure house of cherishing fantasies,
inevitable flowers of eternal fragrance
oblivious to the symphony of life,they are
nuggets of panacea,that urge me to muster the
sands of time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Needless to say,it is a proud day today,for all Indians.After what seemed to be an endless wait,finally fate smiled at us,at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.The Oscars finally landed in our kitty.As Resul Kutty held the Oscar trophy in his hands,tiny droplets of tears must have welled up in thousands of Indian eyes round the globe.I too,was one among them!!

The proud moment when Resul became the first Indian to receive this prestigious award,in the magnificient Kodak theatre,amidst a cacophony of the top actors,directors and producers of the world,moved me to heartfelt tears and laughter.The Indian Film Fraternity finally carved out its niche,at the Academy Awards.

We had been waiting for this day with bated breath,ever since the Academy Awards came into existence in May 1929.Needless to say,these are the greatest and the most prestigious awards in the entire moviedom.
However,amidst the celebrations that followed the memorable award ceremony,what caught my attention was the unfair treatment meted out to Resul on the part of the Indian press and media.I was painfully disappointed to notice that A.R. Rehman was the sole eye candy,who hogged all the praise and attention.

But hey,hold on. Don't take this slight criticism on my part,in the wrong stride.All that I wish to point out is,the unequal treatment accorded by media,to all the winners,courtsey Slumdog Millionaire. After all,Rehman was not the only Indian who was bestowed upon with the Oscar statuette today.
Resul Kutty,Gulzar sahab,Little Pinky equally deserve the praise and applause for their significant contributions in their respective fields.How many of us were even aware about the short documentary film, Smile Pinky ,which was India's entry under the nominations of the Best Documentary(short subject) award???!!! Since the last few days,the entire media hype and wishes for the Oscars revolved around Rehman and Danny Boyle.None of the channels paid even the slightest bit of attention to the other aspiring winners,who also deserved our prayers and attention.They were also a significant part of the race,after all!!

I don't care for others,but for me,all four of them: Rehman,Gulzar,Resul and Pinky deserve equal honour and applause.I feel proud to be their countrymen.
Three cheers for all of them!

And yes,for me Kutty and Pinky are as prominent as Rehman and Gulzar.They are all Masters in their respective fields.

Way to go,Indians.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Me!!! Part-2

10 things I HATE about myself:

  • I am sensitive, so much so that I end up hurting myself unnecessarily most of the times.
  • I am too frank. I am yet to master the art of hiding my true emotions.
  • I can't stand people with poor linguistics and bad grammar. I think I shouldn't loose my calm in such situations.
  • I Forgive and Forget. By doing this, I deprive myself of learning from my past experiences.
  • My inability to say "No" to people.
  • I get irritated quite easily at times, for no rhyme or reason. I high time that I shed off my I-don't-want-to-say-anything attitude.
  • I get attached to people, places and things very easily.
  • I am excessively impatient and impulsive.
  • I am addicted to my friends.
  • I love my Past, so much so that I am not able to do justice to my Present.

Just an honest emotional outburst!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random ME!!!

10 things that light up My World:

  • Interaction with little kids (preferably, less than 2yrs in age). I believe, kids have amazing healing powers, they dispel away my gloom within a fraction of seconds.

  • Any unexpected message or call from an old friend,who hasn't been in the vicinity since long.

  • Surprize gifts. They are more than welcomed anytime.

  • A good book! The excitement of getting a chance to red something good or relateable, transports me to cloud Nine.

  • Nature/greenery lights up my world. There couldn't be a feeling better in this world than the comfort of being in the vicinity of nature. I just love admiring nature in its changing moods.

  • The prospect of any mouthwatering dish being prepared by mum, peps up my mood. The ever enchanting aromas of Biryani, Fish curry or Manchurian emanating from the kitchen, makes me go gaga.

  • Any song by Ronan Keating/ Bryan Adams/ Rahet Fateh Ali Khan transcends me to a realm of utopia.

  • Catching up with any old friend over a cupof coffee.

  • Recollecting old memories by flipping through the photo albums, cards and letters shared with friends.

  • Still trying to figure out the last one, and many more...

Laught it off !!

Life can be Rough at times.

It might topsey-turvey the circumstances.

But , don't stumble.

Stay focussed. Don't loose your calm.

Just laught it OFF , and move ON !!

Idyllic fantasies

A few of the probable changes, that would be accomodated in my life, five years hence...

  • The intensity of my love and affection for my current friends wouldn't remain the same.(of course, with an exception of a few.)
  • My cellphone wouldn't be flooded with sms's and calls from the same people, as presently.
  • My cupboard would be devoid of my course books.No more piles of hefty books and notebooks would be stuffed into it.
  • My postal address wouldn't be the same.
  • Many of my favourite outfits would have been discarded, and replaced by new ones.
  • I'll not be using the same cellphone.:(:( Probably by then, N250 or N360 or similar versions would be leading the mobile markets by then.
  • My Orkut and Facebook accounts would be accomodating a few more friends by then.
  • I'll not be using the same car as I do now. Infact, my kinewould have been dumped in one of the junkyards by then.
  • My hair would have probably regained their lost length. I hope that I am able to chase th targeted length by then.
  • I would have read atleast a hundred more books and authors by then.
  • My blog's archives would be stuffed with countless posts, each one of them,enriched with the memorable highs and lows of my life.
  • I would have had a professional degree to my credit.
  • Who knows, I might have been cupid-stricken by then (~~evil laughter~~)
  • I would still share the sizzling chemistry with Tanvi, Anshita and Megha.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still Thinking of You

During moments like these
when life is still
no thoughts hovering around
and no dreams being woven
I am often transcended
down the memory lane

I revisit the sands of time
when you were by my side
I still relive the moments
of our ephemeral togetherness
while you consumed almost
every waking moment of my life

Such recollections drive me crazy
moving me to laughter and tears
and with a tug at my heart
I then reconcile to my fate

May be your time had come
and I shouldn't question your exit.

Dedicated to my special friend who is no more in life.
But her memories still flash in my mind every now and then.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy B'Day Brother!

It is 8th Feb, Pankaj bhaiya's Birthday, or should i say Chandigarh's ladla...Rj Pankaj's aka Pammu's Bud-day!:):) With all due respect to his mammoth fan following and rockoing celebrity status, for me he is not even an inch more or an inch less than my doting brother (rakhi-brother)/ friend / ex-colleague. I've been thinking about him since morning, since its his B'day, and therefore, I decided to pen down my heartfelt emotions for this special brother, so that I could re-read, and cherish our amazing friendship time and again.

I met this amazing guy probably, two years back (18th or 19th Feb'07, to be a bit precise) in the studios of Big 92.7 Fm, chandigarh. His humility and etiquettes left a lasting impression on my mind. He had absolutely no airs despite, being the most sough-after Rj of the tricity. He instantly earned countless brownie points for his simple and down-to-earth attitude. Our friendship scaled great heights after I joined the organisation a an intern. That was perhaps, the most beautiful and memorable phase of the entire relationship. We became good friends and began weaving memories. Infact, he entire Big 92.7 family was a close-knitted extended family.

Well, coming back to Pankaj, he is one the best persons that I have ever met. Down to earth, humble, soft-spoken, caring.These might seem like tried and tested statements that we normally get through, but trust me, there is not even a speck of exaggeration. He is undoubtedly, a gem of a person!

He is the best son that any parent could wish for!

The Best brother in the world!

The Best friend in the entire universe!

The Best Rj that any radio-station can wish for!

The Best Chachu that Mannat could have ever had!

(Btw, Mannat is his cute, little, adorable niece)

Coming to a few of his achievements,he is one of those gifted people, who are endowed with an entire spectrum of talents. He is not only a great radio presenter, but a remarkable Actor as well. Only few people ar aware of the fact that he was the first choice of director, Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra for the celebrated role of "Aslam" in his Oscar-nominated movie, Rang De Basanti. As ill luck would have it,Pankaj somehow couldn't continue with the project, and the role fell into Kunal Kapoor's kitty. Even, I am convinced, that Pankaj would have definitely been a better option but nevertheless, I know that the Almighty has planned something more Special for him.So, lets wait for the destiny to unfold,and for the time being lets keep our fingers crossed!!

Forget about acting, he is an equally talented singer. His voice has an unconventional charm and poise ,that makes his listeners go weak in their knees. He made it to the semi-finals of the Indian Idol! He often sings on his show, the Big Gedi,and trust me, it creates a wonderful ambience in itself.

He has been a celebrated theatre artist with more than three dozen plays in his kitty. Not only theatre, he even made it to Tollywood. Some of his significant roles were seen in Kasmir, Haqeeqat, Zindagi Ek Safar, Mission Fateh, Jo kahunga sach kahunga.

All in all, he is a bundle of talents and success.

But more than success, fame and everything else., he is a Master of words. His simplicity embellishes it personality all the more further. He is a rockstar, he is a charmer and o wonderful human being.

And an amazing friend too!!

I wish you all the success and goodluck ahead.!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My life with Friends...

This one goes for my friends.. I am trying to recollect some of the very special memories of my friends in the last three years, 06-09., the special three years of my unforgettable college life!!!

Sharing the sickest of Secrets with my Best(est) friend, Anshita. My constant companion for more than a decade. Though I am a little disappointed due to our tech-savvy modes of interaction, the letter writing has almost relegated to the backdrop! :(:(

The wonderful moments with Tanvi. She's a sweetheart. The two of us share an amazing chemistry.She is just a Perfect friend. In fact, to say that she is my Agony-aunt won't be an exaggeration!! Every single time, I find myself landing into trouble, she is the one who is summoned for, immediately.

Countless good and bad moments with Manmeen, one of my first friends in the college. We've had a blast in our college times. We were just the perfect two-some, Partners-in-crime!! Memorable moments with her include, those never ending chits-chats over coffee. The Cafe-Coffee-Day used to be our surrogate abode.

Some unforgettable moments with Pooja. I now miss those rounds of giggles and chuckles, that were inevitable in our friendship.

I am also reminded of Prachi and Shivani, my Bulls Eye mates. We were the perfect "trio". The months of January and February in 2008 were probably the best memories of our short-lived trio.

My childhood mate, Pragya. We've had a roller-coaster relation (as best described by her). Thanks to our I-give-you-a-damn attitude towards each other. Ironically, we never made common memories!! Yet, due to reasons still undeciphered, there is some special chord of friendship and togetherness that binds our hearts together.

My school mates, Antra, Anuradha and Divyangana also made cyber and telephonic appearances on and off, in the past three years. We were a group in our school days.Infact, there were two more friends, Anjalika and Niharika. But unfortunately, we lost contact after the tenth standard. I have probably had my Best memories , till date with them. Love you, chums!!

This list would be incomplete without a special mention about Nur. I met this remarkable friend in my college, and the chemistry of our friendship rocketed to greater heights ever since. Unfortunately, the college life i almost on the verge of conclusion. Yet, both of us are looking forwrd to a new phase of our friendship.

My heart often tiptoes into memories of some special moments shared with Kanishka. She has been no less than a sweetheart. I think that i would probably miss her once the college gets over. I wish her all the success and a good life ahead.

Countless khatti-meethi yaadein with Deepika aka Deepix,the Little Angel of my life. She is unique in her own special (rather, crazy) ways. I will miss our crazy chit-chats during the winters of 08-09.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I read it somewhere, and instantly fell in love with its credibility, aptness and reasonability in the recent times.

It goes something like this:

"The Most Painful Moment of life arrives when your Care is mistaken as Interference."

Today, I've finally gauged the inherent depth of this under-rated statement. Nevertheless, such occasional moments of mounting anger, disgust and defeat , somehow are bereft of vanishing way my incessant, beaming smile and an invincible spirit towards life and its vicissitudes.

Infact, in a way, I've developed a sort of comradeship with the troubles cropping up in the journey of life.

They hardly fail to hold my interest any longer!!!