Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Nameless Relationship !!

Dearest Muskan ma'am, this article is dedicated to you,on the ocassion of your Birth Day!

During our temporary sojourn on this beautiful planet,we come across a lot of people.May be a few hundreds or thousands of them. We build up innumerable prejudices and notions regarding each of them. We admire some, we hate some, we rebuke some, we get jolly with some, we love some, we miss some, we instantly hit along with some, and we hate to even recollect some of them! We become friends with a few of them and develop close intimacies.

Now the friends, that we make are also of various sorts. Some of the friends are perennial,they stay by us throughout our lives, some of them move out of our vicinity and unfortunately, are never seen again. Yet,some others are available in times of celebrations or crisis, and some of them are even Worse than the worst of foes!

I have come across a number of people,in my short span of life. But rarely only a few of them, touched my heart in the true sense of the words. Among such treasured people in my life includes, you. I remember meeting you during my internship session in the studios of Big92.7 Fm. From day one,we hit along instantly. You were more like an elder sister or a mother to me, during those amazing days. Deeply concerned about my health, studies, teenage emotions, hurdles, failures, everything! I recollect vivid memories of our early morning 5:00 A.M. trips to the office,riding on the deserted roads. With half-opened eyes too,we managed to pull the breakfast show,"Big Chai" pretty decently.Creating the fabric (content) for the day,downloading clips from the FTP,getting the callers, managing the telox, looking for news highlights of the day, selecting the perfect songs to gel well with the weather,hunting for horoscopes to be telecasted, selecting the questionaire for contests and quizzes on-air, getting the traffic updates from Sunaina, fetching the weather and bollywood updates just on time. Despite these early morning chores, we used to kickstart our day enfused with energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, for giving me such beautiful memories to recollect, time and again.

Thank you, for taking the extra pains,just to ensure my well being and happiness in the office, for giving me wonderful surprises on my Birthdays, for sharing a few of the darkest secrets of your life with me, for beaming smiles at me round the clock in lieu of keeping me happy, for cooking something special for me at times, for giving due credit to my hardwork and dedication time and again, for counting on me, and most importantly, for making me feel so desperately wanted and loved!

The second round of my internship was never that memorable, probably because it lacked that peculiar whiff of your concern and affection!

I have so much to write,that I could probably go on and on. But due to the time constraints, I will keep it short and crisp, for the time being. Here's a small self-composed poetry dedicted to you and our relationship:

(Its a loop poetry)

It felt great,

great to be with you,

you made my days,

days so loveable,

loveable memories to relive,

relive the essence of our beautiful relationship,

relationship that binds us together,

together in a bond of love,

love that is so pure,divine,

divine were the moments that we spent together,

together we shall remain in this way for ever and ever!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Silence conveys it all!

I strongly believe,that there are times in life,when our silence conveys emotions far more eloquently than Words. Once in a while,we adhere to silent ruminations in lieu of breaking the monotony of words. At times,we find a strange tinge of comfort and tranquility in our obsessive-compulsive silence. In such phases of life,silence becomes the most potent expression of our inner turmoil and conflict. May be,I am experiencing one such passing phases in my life!

May be,I don't wish to get out of this soothing refuge of silence. Or may be, I don't want to belittle the significance of my heartfelt feelings,by conveying them through mere words and gestures.I wish to sink in its ever multiplying depth,and get away with the harsh times.

This post is dedicated to all my college mates,who adorned my life for the last three years.But with utmost regret and remorse,I have to embrace the crude reality of your subsequent departure from my world.

The unforgettable memories of our amazing college life, would keep enriching our lives with mixed hues of happiness, joys ,sorrows and regrets. May we scale greater heights,with each passing year in our lives.

This one's for you,chums:
Pooja,Ekta,Mansi,Rucheera,Noor,Kanishka,Deepika,Swinky,Shruti...and specially for Kanika.

As far as the verbal expressions of our parting feelings are concerned,
"May be you'll never know,my be I'll never show !!!:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am so glad to have met...

In the journey of life,

I am so glad to have met,

someone special like you,

special beyond comprehension,

adorable beyond the scope of words,

indespensable beyond the array of emotions.

Needless to say,you complete me,

in every single way!

I am so glad to have met,

someone special like you,

who changed my life for the better,

gave me countless more reasons,

to smile and embrace life,

with an invincible spirit.

You made me familiar,

with the psychology of life,

a smile for a smile,and

a tear for a tear!

I am so glad to have met,

someone special like you,

who stood by me,

through the roughest times,

and has promised to remain,

by my side now and forever,

and this is what makes you,

all the more Special!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Rebelling against the sweltering mother Earth,they

adorn her with lusturous water globules,

instigating me to become one with

nature's playful moods, and

devote myself completely in admiring the

romantic vibes of the timid clouds,that seem

overwhelmed by their impulsive outpours, that

paint the canvas of earth in hues of blue,by their

showers of happiness, hopes and blessings.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Final Goodbye!

Inspired by & submitted to,
The Story Teller.
(The Story Teller is a blog that prompts us to write short stories,in congruence with the theme that "Every picture tells a story!" This picture is this week's prompt,and here's my take on it.)
I forgot to mention,its my first attempt at story writing.Bear with me!

He kept staring at her pale and beautiful face, its beauty marred by the ever multiplying wrinkles and dark circles.As he sat still,admiring its fading beauty for one of the last times ever, memories of their togtherness began flooding his mind. It broke his heart to see the most beautiful woman of his life, at the threshold of death. It was emotionally draining and devastating for him. Being a neurosurgeon himself, he could do nothing to ensure her survival.A string of tears flew down his cheeks,as he held her fragile hand in his, perhaps for the last time ever.

At that very moment, as if guided by some divine inspiration, she opened her puffy eyes slowly, one by one. Basking in the glory of this treasured moment, he felt as if his heart almost skipped a beat. She tried to mutter a word or two. But, words betrayed her bereaved soul. Even he chocked back tears, as he spoke. But,all that he could say was, "You gave me everything..." Ironically, this mere sentence encapsulated all that he wnted to vent out.

For the next few moments,they communicated in a non-verbal language through Eyes. Their eyes conveyed everything, that had been left unsaid! His, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude towards her, for giving him a LIFE! His eyes were the embodiment of his admiration for the generous woman, who had given refuge to an unfortunate orphan, in her home years ago. His eyes thanked her for her unending, overwhelming love, care and affection that she had been showering upon him ever since.Just then, he noticed a stream of tears welling up in her eyes. With a tug at his heart, he kissed her pale forehead, and just as he was about to bid her a final adieu, he witnessed a tragedy of the worst magnitude. He hold onto her hand as she heaved her last breath, and her soul departed for the heaven. He stood there for a moment or two ,admiring his foster mother for one last time and questioning the untimely exit of his,Saviour!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tagged by Dewdrops!!

So,here are 25 random things about me.

  • I am a thinker, dreamer and seeker.

  • I love admiring nature in its changing moods, preferably rains (rainy winters,to be precise!!)

  • I am the only child of my parents. So,I am well versed with the joys and sorrows of being an only child:(

  • Almighty has blessed me with a good number of friends. So many of them, that I have probably lost count by now.

  • I have never been in a relationship. I am yet to come across my destined "Mr. Special", someone possessing the qualities of head and heart:)

  • I am a compulsive-obsessive reader and writer.

  • I have had too many crushes nad have been a crush of many:))

  • I dream of bcoming the Best daughter, Best friend, Best wife, Best daughter-in-law and the Best mother in the world!

  • I am super sensitive and super emotional.I get attached to people, places and things quite easily, without any rhyme or reason.
  • I forgive and forget quite effortlessly,no matter what!!!

  • I just love spending time with myself. Now, that's another obsessive-compulsive disorder that has gripped me.

  • I am scared of heights and speeds!

  • I admire myself for easily empathising with people and situations.

  • I easily adapt myself to compromises:)

  • I am proud of my impressive personality and equally impressive linguistics:)

  • Its high time that I shed off the erraneous Leave-Me-Alone and I-D'ont-Want-To-Say-Anything attitude. Trust me, I am highly ashamed of this inherent shortcoming.

  • I reside in a realm of books and blogs.

  • I am a big time foodie. I love gorging on kebabs, biryanis, choupseys, sizzlers and fish curries.

  • I love catching up with friends over a cup of coffee. Trust me, they are the best ways of enjoying those awaited reunions.
  • I am a shopaholic! Though, I discovered it quite recently. I have a huge collection of accessories and jewellaries. I have an exclusive cupboard dedicated to them. Over the years, I have also accumulated a huge collection of handbags, wallets and mobile covers:)

  • Surprisingly, contrary to the usual trends, whereby girls don't pay heed to gizmos, I have been catching up with gadgets and gizmos, since long. I have been regularly updating my collection of cell-phones, i-pods, digicams, digital diaries, handycams, etc. So, I beleive that I am quite tech-savvy:)

  • I am addicted to friends, food and blogging.

  • I am overwhelmingly garrulous. My friends call me a chatter-box. I hate keeping my mouth shut! Though, I am patient listener, too.

  • I hate mathematics!

  • I loved completing this tag. Though, I am a little disappointed that it reached its conclusion, pretty soon. I would have loved to continue...