Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Parting Words!

We met, joined hands
shared our lives,
became a part of them,
and now its time, to bid adieu.

We made memories,
filled the photo albums,
shared our darkest secrets,
giggled over cups of coffee,
exchanged friendship bands,
laughed and cried together,
and now its time, to bid adieu.

We held hands,
cuddled beside each other,
wiped each other's tears,
brought smiles to our lives,
made them all the more,beautiful
and now its time, to bid adieu.

We stood by each other,
through the sickest of circumstances,
sailed through the rough times holding hands,
arrived at the threshold of womanhood,
and now its time, to bid adieu.

We stumbled over at times,
nursed each other's words,
learnt from such mistakes,
made silent moves together,
towards a better tomorrow,
and now its time, to bid adieu.

We weaved dreams,
rectified our faults,
mended the broken hearts,
meant the world to each other,
celebrated the times of our togetherness,
yet now its time, to bid adieu!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cheers to the good times ahead!

Since its the Friendships' month, the flavour of posts on this blog is bound be 'Friendship'!

I just love this picture. It captures the essence of friendship in a beautiful way.

I dedicate this picture to all my friends. Old, existing and new!
Since my old friends have been mentioned on this blog a couple of times. I now take the priviledge of enlisting the neames of a few of my new ones. The wings of our friendship have just started fluttering, and I believe that we'll travel a long way together, and plant countless cherishing memories in the years to come.

This one is for you all - Pooja, Shubhda, Navkiran, Kriti, Karan, Manpreet, Sumedha, Varuna and many more!