Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still Moving On!

Hi peeps, just dropped by to remind you all that I am still ALIVE!

Yes, very much, indeed! But, just a little preoccupied:(

The last couple of days have been brutally hectic. To say that life has been a complete roller-coaster ride wouldn't be an exaggeration. As of now, I am still 'trying' to enjoy my stint at the University campus. Trust me, Punjab University campus isn't as chic as it sounds! The lecture halls are atrociously erratic. The crowd just doesn't matched upto one's expectations. To add to the miseries, the blistering heat leaves no stone unturned in practically ruining one's mood to the core! I still do not feel at home being a part of this prestigious university. But just the very fact, that two of my best buddies, Megha and Tanvi are also a part of the same territory peps up my mood, every now and then.

On the home front, things are as exciting as they could be! We've just moved to our new home and life is getting more and more lovelier and livelier with each passing day. I am still in awe of my new surroundings. Its truly incredible. Home has been never so blissful ever before!

All right! So, this is it for today!
I am a little hard pressed for time right now. Would continue with my rants and ramblings some other day:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Its been almost 45 days since I saw you last. I know it has been a long time but trust me, I still feel your 'absence' almost every single day.

No matter how rarely I keep in touch, I do miss you like crazy from the bottom of my heart!

It suddenly seemed so uncomfortable, when I din't see you around me during the admission procedures for the Post Grad today. I did feel hollow somewhere deep inside my heart. Everyone inquired of your whereabouts, and then the nostalgic finally set in :(

I know that you're still at the waiting end!
I'll get back to you, once life resumes its normal pace. Trust me, I would! Till then, keep missing me:)

Hey Tweety, Missing you silly!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yay! It rained!

God! You're tuly amazing!

Thanks for blessing my city with some wild rain showers this morning.
Trust me, I couldn't have asked for more.
Finally,it rained! It rained like crazy. It rained like hell. Wow! It rained!

I wonder what's so amazing about their aura, that the very thought of "rains" makes me go crazy! I feel an undefined whiff of freshness exuding from within, everytime it rains. Needless to say, Insanity takes over me while it rains harder. Guess rains have been a childhood crush, right since I was born!

The 'child' in me overpowers the 'woman' in me everytime it rains! Though the expression 'woman' sounds a little wierd, I mean I am just 20 turned 21:) Anyways reflecting back on the flavour of the post, I am so in love with the weather today! I wish I have had a chance of getting drenched in the rains though. I so regret enetering the office right at the juncture when it started drizzling outside. And to add to my frustration, the stupid rains gathered momentum within minutes of my arrival. What a setback!!!

So, I was left with no other option but to get 'J' standing by the window and watching the passers by enjoying the intriguing rains. I felt so low, so deprived! How I wish, I could have been one of them. I would have left no stone unturned, in relishing the essence of these long-awaited, mesmersing rain showers. I would have gone insane splashing handful of droplets on to my friends. I would have had a good time jumping into the puddles with bare feet. I would have loved sipping my favourite Kaapa Nirvana, while out on a passionate spree under a flowery umbrella. Oh, what fun it could have been!

Aww! I just hope that I somehow get to enjoy my slice of happiness in these maddening rain showers. Rains, you got to be with me on this one. Lets have a great time together! You know,
"You, me and us" kinds:)

Fleeting Thoughts!

I truly believe in a popular tagline,

"A lot can happen over coffee!"

I wish it rains, sometime soon!
Nothing can beat the feeling of getting drenched in the rain like crazy, and then rushing to CCD with friends to grab a mug of my favourite, Kaapa Nirvana.
Rains, Coffee, Friends, Conversations ----------> Life!

Rains, I'm still at the waiting end!