Friday, August 13, 2010

Thus, spoke my head!

Strange are the ways of life. Every time we begin to feel that the going is right, life topsy turvys it all. The topic of contemplation that is infuriating my grey cells today is the sanctity of human relationships ;-)

There are time when I am forced to wonder how 'close' is actually close when it comes to bonding between/among friends? Going by the same conventions, how 'true' is actually true and how 'fake' is actually fake when it comes to opinionated differences among friends? We are taught ever since our pre-nursery days that friendship is perhaps, the most beautiful intangible creation of mankind on the face of this earth, and that, friends are meant to stand by each other NO MATTER WHAT! But how relevant are these age old dictums in the face of the present times?

I personally fail to feel their presence in the moderately large web of friends that I move around in. The glorified notions of loyalty, perseverence, trust seem to have been hibernating for quite some time now.. Most of us aren't even aware of such voids and the marginally few, who are, fail to make any sort of amends on their end to bring back the bright old lustre to the once-revered relationships.

I personally opine that being frank and outright is definitely way better than being a lousy-mouse waiting for the right moment to act!