Friday, September 25, 2009

Unsaid Emotions!

Hi folks!

I know I haven't been posting regularly off late. Time to be on my toes!
Anyways, today's post is dedicated to a very close and an extremely special friend of mine, Bistriti!

I met this amazing girl just a day prior to my Birthday this year! Little did I know that the Almighty had been planning to gift me something really special this year, by enlightening my life with her frequent presence. She is a charmer! She is a seeker!
She occupied an immensely special place in my heart even before I could know it!

I look up to this incredible girl, for reasons more than just one!
She is strong, independent and self-made! Not to forget, she is not just beautiful, she is someone who is no less than an embodiment of inner beauty in abundance.
I've seen her getting through the worst circumstances of life, in the best of spirits. I have rarely seen her getting bogged down so easily. Her relentless passion and thirst to compromise over nothing but the Better, catches my attention and admiration almost every single day of our interaction!

I probably got to learn some of the most interesting and useful facets of life through her. Her practical and serene approach towards life just makes me go gaga over her!
She has been leading her life on her own ever since I've known her, inside-out! She has been a power-house of limitless passion, unsurmountable zeal and immeasurable tranquility! She doesn't easily gives away even to the sickest circumstances of life.

Despite staying away from family, all by herself, I have rarely seen her going astray! She is one person who exactly knows her destination in a crystal clear manner, and is striving in lieu of attaining it in the shortest span of time!

I just want to wish her good luck for her future endeavours!
I sincerely hope that you scale greater heights of success and prosperity with each passing day of your life, Bistriti! You have got to achieve loads in life!
I just want you to know, that I would be there, always!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey chums, I took me around a month this time, to show up with a new post!

Sincere apologies for that. A lot of things have been keeping me preoccupied off late. But yet again, I couldn't just resist my urge of reverting to this self-made paradise of mine!

Things are showing signs of recovery at the univ campus! I'm having a ball of time exploring the univ life with friends. Oh! I can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoy doing this. We are a group of 5! I, Manpreet, Pooja, Navkiran and Kriti. There are others who show up once in a while and become a part of the mob:)

Its truly amazing being a part of this mini-world of ours! We share, we talk (endlessly), we frolic, we dance, we sing, we get drenched, we go crazy, we cry, we explore, we tease, we eat like gluttons, we study, we bunk lectures, we go insane, we fight??. No, we NEVER fight!
We manage to do the whackiest of things, with such ease and perefection that we surprise ourselves every single time with the outstanding results!

I just hope that the journey gets more lovelier and livelier with the course of time!