Friday, November 27, 2009

In the End, it doesn't Even Matter!

She is happy!

happy to be alone
happy to be cursed
happy to be abused
happy to be rebuked
happy to be forgotten
happy to be scoffed at
happy to be neglected
happy to be all by herself
happy to have been cheated upon
happy to have been relegated to the backdrop
happy to have lost the sense of belongingness!

In the end,
she is still happy to be 'who she is'!

That's why I say,
"In the end, it doesn't even matter!"

You Taught Me the Meaning of Life!

I had been sailing on the waters of life
like a rudderless boat bereft of its direction
until my eyes chanced upon you one fine day;
relishing the hard hitting rains on your wobbling legs
trying to capture the heavenly bliss in your twinkling eyes.

I saw you getting drenched in the exquisite beauty of that fond moment
collecting a handful of rain drops in your tender fists
the divinity of nature reflecting immaculately in your innocent eyes
the bliss of the divine blessings radiating their aura,
on your admirable face

Enamored by the vivacity of that tender moment
I retreated to my inner self,
resuming my journey towards self exploration
with a never before zest and ecstasy!

A Nostalgic End!

Isn't it amazing how life never fails to surprise us with its topsy-turvying circumstances?!

Strange, I tell you, are the ways of life.

So, with this I would like to pour my heart out on a recent experience that touched my heart in ways more than one! Finally, after a whirlpool of thoughtful decisions and ambiguities, my stint at CueBlocks came to an end. CueBlocks was my first job ever! I joined it sometime in May this year, May 11th to be precise.

My stint at Cue gave me a world of memories to remember and cherish all my life, I met some of the finest people in the world during my sojourn here. I got to know some real good people, whose memories and goodness would remain etched in my heart for years to come, Nosheen, Pancham Sir and Deepshikha di being the prominent ones!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Wish!

Broken ties of unfathomable love,
still nestle hopes of
reliving the glory of the
cherished times together.
Together or not,
memories would always
bring us together as,
"friends till eternity!"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

8 Marvels - About Me!

It's been about some months since I reverted to any of the tags, dropped in by friends and fellow bloggers. Time to be on my toes.!

So, here I am trying to wrestle with this one. This tag requires me to spill beans on some interesting facets of my persona. Huh! Lets see.

8 Favorite places to eat:
  • Sitting on the grass
  • Roadside corners
  • Stu-C (Just can't resist this one)
  • Fancy restaurants
  • On long drives
  • Anywhere in the campus while bunking classes :-)
  • Relishing sumptuous dinners prepared by dad at home
  • Anywhere on a free treat. I'm in for it any time :-)
8 Things I want scientists to invest:
  • A Time machine (Wish I could go back and mend the wrongs done)
  • A mind reader
  • Wireless laptops
  • A virtual library (to satiate the voracious reader in me!)
  • A friendship meter (lol)
  • An anti-aging medicine (Gosh!)
  • A flying car (I'm too sick of the burgeoning traffic!)
  • Any anti-depressant drug (to keep my spirits high all the while! Lol)
8 Phrases I use often:
  • As if!
  • Get over it ya.
  • Forget it! (Dare you laugh, Crankster!)
  • Come on!
  • Ways of life (Megha, who knows it better than you?)
  • Are you crazy? (Tanvi is just so sick of this one.Lol)
  • Easier said than done!
  • Nothing much :-)
  • Whatever!
8 Things I love about Winter:
  • The mistifying fog!
  • My black jacket.
  • Rainy winters
  • Catching up with friends over cups of hot chocolate
  • The warmth of holding hands
  • The very feel of winters
  • Stuffed paranthas and nans :-)
  • Cozy blankets
8 Things I am looking forward to:
  • A lucrative career
  • Marriage (Did I just say that?! Lol)
  • Ardent blogging
  • Compiling a poetry book
  • Delving more into literature
  • Exploring all the continents before I die!
  • Learning professional photography
  • An unwinding holiday destination in the Himalayas
God! I am tired tickling my brain cells. Time to take a nap!

Currently playing - 'You're beautiful' by James Blunt.

Let my Blog say it all

I happened to read these lines somewhere,

"Life is not about the times that you BREATHE,
i'ts about the times that TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!"

Kudos to the author! What an incredible way to putting the real essence of life into perspective. I truly second his opinion. Indeed, life isn't just about leading a life of humdrum monotony,living everyday exactly like the day before.

As far as my take on life goes, I believe in leading a life of retrospection and reciprocation. I know I might sound a bit too intellectual or philosophical at this point of time, but trust me that's not what I'm trying to project. I've been a fun-seeker all my life or may be more of a 'seeker'. I don't feel embarrassed at all in confessing that I still indulge myself in Cindrella dreams, at the age of 21. As if this isn't enough, I still believe that dreams do come true after all! Having said that, I would also like to add that I've had my share of extreme dissatisfactions as well. Time and again,I've been jolted out of my illusionary dispositions. But hey, that doesn't stops me form dreaming again! Does it? or should it?


I still yearn for more dreams, more such moments that would perhaps, 'take my breath away'. And thanks to Almighty's grace, there have been many till this very juncture.I would love to ponder and delve into them in my next post, now that I'm back to blogging! I just hope that the unbridled passion that is flowing in my veins keeps the momentum going :-)

Blogging! Nothing like it!

As I look back and think about the months gone by, I am gripped by a sense of achievement and amazement! It has exactly been a year since I dedicated myself whole-heartedly to this blog.

Needless to say, it has been a hiatus for my emotions in the true sense of the words. I guess, life wouldn't have been that easy had I not surfaced my inner conflicts at this place, time and again.

This blog stood by me in times, when I needed an emotional buffer the most! It came up as a surrogate mother, with whom I could share all my trials and tribulations effortlessly. It came up as a true friend who stood by me through the roughest of circumstances. At times, I found myself wonderfully amazed with the emotional solace that came my way through this blog. It was through this place that I got to meet some of the most wonderful people in my life. Exploring blogosphere has been an out-and-out experience in itself!

I sometimes rue the fact, that my hectic schedules don't give me the privilege to pour my heart out any longer. But that doesn't stop me from loving my blog all the more further. I miss this incredible place like anything! It has been a Saviour in the true sense of the words. And probably, nothing ever would stop me from documenting the highs and lows of my life here.

Thanks, Nostalgic Reminiscences!