Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let my Blog say it all

I happened to read these lines somewhere,

"Life is not about the times that you BREATHE,
i'ts about the times that TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!"

Kudos to the author! What an incredible way to putting the real essence of life into perspective. I truly second his opinion. Indeed, life isn't just about leading a life of humdrum monotony,living everyday exactly like the day before.

As far as my take on life goes, I believe in leading a life of retrospection and reciprocation. I know I might sound a bit too intellectual or philosophical at this point of time, but trust me that's not what I'm trying to project. I've been a fun-seeker all my life or may be more of a 'seeker'. I don't feel embarrassed at all in confessing that I still indulge myself in Cindrella dreams, at the age of 21. As if this isn't enough, I still believe that dreams do come true after all! Having said that, I would also like to add that I've had my share of extreme dissatisfactions as well. Time and again,I've been jolted out of my illusionary dispositions. But hey, that doesn't stops me form dreaming again! Does it? or should it?


I still yearn for more dreams, more such moments that would perhaps, 'take my breath away'. And thanks to Almighty's grace, there have been many till this very juncture.I would love to ponder and delve into them in my next post, now that I'm back to blogging! I just hope that the unbridled passion that is flowing in my veins keeps the momentum going :-)