Friday, November 27, 2009

In the End, it doesn't Even Matter!

She is happy!

happy to be alone
happy to be cursed
happy to be abused
happy to be rebuked
happy to be forgotten
happy to be scoffed at
happy to be neglected
happy to be all by herself
happy to have been cheated upon
happy to have been relegated to the backdrop
happy to have lost the sense of belongingness!

In the end,
she is still happy to be 'who she is'!

That's why I say,
"In the end, it doesn't even matter!"


Jaky Astik said...

Dekha, itna bhi buri nahi hai tumhari writing. You are great. And a writer should never judge himself, because it's not his job. It's the spectators' job.

kannu said...

she is still happy to be 'who she is'! Wow!
It actually doesn't matter when u reach at d state of self-realization. it doesn't matter then how this world treated u when u were expecting something else. she tried so hard to make them understand bt in the end it doesn't even matter. perhaps that is wat called freedom in true sense from all expectations,fear ,jealousy,anguish n even the give and take relationship of so called love. In the end just love flows like a seagull over the eternal sea who never wants end its flight:)

kannu said...

loved it mohita..keep writing the harsh realities in this light mood.


The CarRioN's HasH said...

happiness...more or less...its just a change in me...

it never mattered to her even in the beginning....

Devil Incarnate... said...

Its soo true...
there were times,when we felt so down, and now may b those things dont even matter..

Mohita said...


I see! :-)
But Writer's Block is too tough a condition to overcome that effortlessly!

Mohita said...


I really liked your 'interpretation' :-)

Nd I loved the end tag even more, "Keep writing the harsh realities in this light mood."

Mohita said...

@The Carrion's Hash

Stupendous remark,I would say!
Thanks for the read.

Mohita said...

@Devil Incarnate

Ideally, these things should 'never' matter.

Know what, while I was creating this poetic piece, I never knew it would turn out to be such an insightful one!
I merely took it as a spontaneous outburst of some clandestine emotions.
But now, it surprises me to realise its power of elocution.