Friday, January 1, 2010

Love is...

I couldn't find a better image to kickstart my blogging spree in Twenty oh Ten!*

How often do we feel mesmerized and moved, noticing a made-for-each-other elderly couple?
Hmmm.Quite often in my case at least!

A strange feeling of ecstasy and wonder grips my thoughts. I feel intrigued to walk up to them and observe their closely knitted world from close. It's a pleasure acknowledging the true embodiments of love, relishing their warmth and exploring a relationship that has been through almost an entire gamut of human emotions that one gets to witness in one's lifetime.

How nice it is to have someone by your side, someone special who has been an intimate companion in your life's journey. Guess now I understand what people truly mean when they say, that they are looking forward to having someone with whom they can grow old with!

May be, love isn't just about spending the rest of your lives together. It's about making each minute of each day of each year of your lives more live-able and worthwhile. It's about relishing the bliss of togetherness. It's about creating a miniature world of your own cocooned and nestled within unfathomable layers of love, warmth and unrelenting commitment.

May be, love is all about overcoming the 'We' in 'Us'!
Anyways, how would I know about this!
Wait till I explore, and let you know! :-)


Raj said...

that is one definition of love.
heres another.

love is sacrifice.

Jaky Astik said...

Gosh..people define love with their own perspective and experience. So.,basically love is infinity and thus, undefined.

Every time, there is a new love story, different and alluring! I getting over head? stopppp!!

LIFE: A Collection Of Beautiful Memories! said...

rilli thoughtful.... u remember tat msg u sent me once..

in yrs.. r faces ll wrinkle.. eyelids may droop... hair may bcum brittle bt still v'll b dere 2 listen, 2 talk,2 laugh... n yes walk along... we ll b den.. GRAND FRIENDS!~!

gud one hun... n yes different from ur earlier posts..

keep writing..
all the luv!

Pallav said...

Beautifully Expressed.. n lovely post...
i loved it... :)

Sorcerer said...

first time here I think

nice lines:)

Mohita said...


Hmmmm.. Bt then, love is inexplicable!
Isn't it?

Mohita said...


Nay! You are almost hitting the bull's eye! :-)

Mohita said...


Hahaha.. Inshah-allah!

Yeah, I agree. The tempo was quite different while composing this post.

Dynamics of life, you see!

Mohita said...


Thanks for being here time and again, and liking my creations.

Utmost gratitude and sincere thanks!

Mohita said...


Thanks! :-)

The CarRioN's HasH said...

love requires no sacrifice or compromise nor is it any undefined thing...

love is all around is not to be xplored but felt...

love is a song which u feel within is doing something with ur is in being urself...


रंग उड़ भी जायेंगे,
रंग मिट भी जायेंगे..
पर छोड़ी गयी छाप
अजर, अमर और अनंत रहेगी..
मत डर इस बात से की सब चले ही जाना है
कर प्रेम इस तरह की ,
इसी में ही मर जाना है.
ना भय किसी मौत का
न भय किसी प्रकोप का..
खोले खून ऐसा की
हर षण में ही रोना',
इसी में ही हसना है
हर षण में ही जीना,
इसी में ही मर जाना है
मुझे प्रेम करना नहीं
बल्कि प्रेम ही बन जाना है :)
the best part of this write-up is the flow in it. i read it as poetry. I hope u din't have to think over it before just comes out. As you said, may be , love is all about overcoming we in us. Enjoy the rythm.

keep feeling ;-)