Sunday, November 24, 2013

Can great co-workers make for great friends?

Co-workers cannot be the best of friends!

I beg to disagree.

Almost everyone around me raises an eyebrow when I tell them that I am blessed to have colleagues who are such great friends. Mind you. Not just fair weather friends. They are a bunch of colleagues who leave no stone unturned in lending a helping hand to one another whenever the need be. 

With just the right doze of impishness in us, we as a team (touchwood) cross swords with any challenge that comes our way and come out victorious. From anytime whatsapping to impromptu eye talks, unplanned hullabullo to lets-get-serious-before-the-bosses-spot-us conversations, lazying around in the beautiful countryside surroundings under the wintry sun to scraping our lunchboxes free, we share a camaraderie that is too delightful and enchanting to be penned down in words. Though all of us share a great rapport, I am closest to Meenakshi and Maninder (Mams). 

As my anytime fun mates, they are the ones who help me keep the child in me alive at my workplace. I still can't forget the recent tumultous experience we had while watching RamLeela, or should I say Goliyan ki Raasleela- RamLeela! We came out totally blown away, dejected and with splitting ear-drums, thanks to the zillion gunshots that canvassed the fabric of the movie from the beginning till end. 

A while ago, adding to the list of incidents where we muddled through madness yet again was one whatsapp conversation when Meenakshi pinged me after seeing a new display picture that I had put up. Intending to say that I take after my mom, she texted, 'You look like aunty in your new profile picture'. As if on cue, before I could pop in a reply, she almost freaked out realizing the duplicity that the message afforded and sent in a hoard of smileys along with a message that read 'Oh! I meant to say that I take after your mom. I just read my previous message and realized that it reads more like as if you have auntyish looks in the new picture'. :P

I feel at the end of the day, it is light and humourous conversations like these that pave way for great bonds, professionally and personally. I am glad I have such people around :)


Raj said...

good for you. :)

but a word of caution, my first year of work i has similar thoughts.

then i got promoted. and hell broke loose. :S

Mohita said...


Thank you for the advice. :)